Important Notice
ONE OK ROCK 2020 “Field of Wonder” at Stadium Live Streaming supported by au 5G LIVE
October 11th, 2020 5:00 PM OPEN / 6:00 PM START (JST)

・This is a no-live-audience concert. Please refrain from visiting the venue, ZOZOMARINE STADIUM.
・Ticket purchase in advance is required to watch this online live stream.
・Please read the Ticket Details, Requirement to View and Stream, and Terms of Use before purchasing a ticket.
・Unless the show has been suspended or rescheduled for a later date, cancellation, refund, or change of the order is not available.

[Online Live Stream Ticket]
・Online Live Stream Tickets are not sold by first-come, first-serve basis or by draw.
・Membership registration (free) is required to purchase a ticket. If you have not registered please read the Terms of Use before registering.
・Before purchasing a ticket, please run a test with the sample video to make sure video and sound can be played for a smooth connection.
・One email address is valid for one ticket purchase and each ticket could only be used with one device.
・The contents of the online live stream are the same for all ticket types.
・All ticket types include rewatch access.
・Registration and ticket purchase may be congested just before the start of the live stream. Customers who wish to watch the online live streaming should purchase tickets earlier during the ticket purchase period.
・Changes, cancellations and/or refunds will not be available after ticket purchase.
・“Live Ticket” will be displayed on your purchase confirmation.

[Goods Inclusive with Ticket]
・There will be a serial number printed on the PREMIUM PASS, this serial number is chosen at random and is not based on first-come, first-serve basis. In the event that there is a defect in the product, we will respond to exchanges, however the serial number will also be different.
・The towel and mask included in the PRIMAL FOOTMARK LIMITED PACKAGE are merch items available online at a later date. Please note these items are not exclusive items for the ticket type.
・The timeline for the delivery of the PREMIUM PASS included in the ONLINE LIVE TICKET with PREMIUM PASS may vary and may be shipped after performance.

[Delivery of Goods Inclusive with Ticket]
・Delivery of goods is not based on a particular order. Delivery will depend on the payment method and destination of delivery.
・Delivery will be made by Neko Post (Mail Post). Delivery date and time can not be designated.
・Once the goods are ready to be delivered, you will receive a “Notice of Delivery” by email.
・Details of order and delivery status will be available from [My Page]
・Please note that we will not be able to provide the delivery date even if you contact us.
[Online Live Stream]
・This event may be canceled subject to weather conditions or any other type of unavoidable circumstances. If goods included in the PRIMAL FOOTMARK LIMITED PACKAGE have been shipped out, please note that refund and/or return of the goods will not be available. For members who purchased the ONLINE LIVE TICKET with PREMIUM PASS, depending on the delivery status of the PREMIUM PASS, refund or return of goods may not be available.
・There may be a possibility of disruptions to the online live stream due to system complications. In this case, refunds or returns will not be available.
・This online live streaming service will not be held responsible for any disruptions to the live stream caused by your Internet connectivity.
・This is a paid online live stream. Any kind of screen recording, shooting or recording with cameras, smartphones or any kind of recording devices is strictly prohibited. You may be legally liable for any kind of unrecognized reproduction or sharing on social media or other kinds of media sharing sites.
・Distribution of the online live stream for commercial use is strictly prohibited. This includes distribution to an audience for a fee at a hall, theater or any other kind of venue.
・The rewatch access will be available after the performance. The rewatch access will be valid until October 15th, 2020 11:59AM. For the availability of the rewatch access on external streaming services, please check with the specific external streaming service site for more details.